In just two short weeks we will be attending the AFT Teach Conference in Washington, DC (which happens to be one of our FAVE places in the US).  

Teachers are so important, and play such an important role in our society - we can't wait to meet & thank every single one in-person for the great work that they do with students across the USA.

We will be at the show with our good friend Stephen Ritz and the #PortEquip GREEN BRONX MACHINE MOBILE CLASSROOM KITCHEN doing live demonstrations and showcasing the many wonderful features of this fabulous product.

Our Mobile Classroom Kitchen is teaching kids the most basic and important fundamentals of proper nutrition.  In addition to culinary education, the Mobile Classroom Kitchen is FEEDING students & schools across the WORLD!

We are working very hard to get at least one in every school and want to work with partnering organizations, sponsors and even parent & community councils to make the Mobile Classroom Kitchen readily available in every community.

If you would like to book some time with us (at the conference or otherwise) please give us a call at:  (905) 542-8762 or contact Debra@StephensonCase.com

For more information on the conference: