Standard Features

  • Aluminum light weight construction.
  • Refrigeration - for prep trays and beverages.
  • Pull-out portable cooktop.
  • Stainless steel sink w/faucet.
  • Manual water foot pump
  • Dual water tanks (reusable grey water).
  • Convenient 36” kitchen top work height.
  • USDA NSF Kitchen top approved cutting surface. 
  • Dual detachable pull-out 5' lids/work tables with attachable above cutting surfaces.
  • Color-coded chopping mats.
  • Pull-out drawers on glides.
  • Counter top USB/multi outlet charge stations.
  • Dual interior power bars wired to plug-inlets.
  • Swivel lockable casters.
  • Heavy duty drawer handles.

Optional Features

  • Convection oven.            
  • Food Warmer - Bain Marie.
  • Built-in dual cooktop burner.
  • TV Monitor w/ Tower assembly.  
  • Video camera assembly. 
  • Custom Front Standard Logo.
  • Custom Front Logo wrap.


  • Mobile:  60” L x  32” D x 40” H 
  • Opened: 15’ L x 29” D x 36” H (with detachable tables).        
  • Weight: 250 lbs.  

Electrical Requirements

  • Standard outlets for dual 15 amp, 120 volt plug-ins. 
  • Optional: Hybrid Battery System: 12V deep cycle battery, inverter, connectors & charger (assists with power supply providing additional power for TV, video, fridge and blender). 
  • Optional: 50 amp. system for additional power (required for built in cooktop).

*Note: electrical requirements dependent on appliance requirements.



Green Bronx Machine Mobile Classroom Kitchen

Watch the GBMMCK in action at CS 55!