School's (ALMOST) Out for Summer!!!!

In a matter of just DAYS #schools across Canada & the US will be releasing their #students for summer holidays...

We at Stephenson Custom Case (#PortEquip) won't be slowing down or stopping in our efforts and mission to put our #mobile #classroom #kitchen into every school and organization possible, for the benefit of the #kids and the overall FUTURE!

Our Mobile Classroom Kitchen unit is enabling kids to learn about #HEALTHFUL food & good food habits, from start to finish - #growing and/or purchasing, cleaning, prepping, #cooking, consuming, sharing,  waste, simple clean eating, the importance of reading labels, and the wonderful community interaction that cooking together creates and encourages.

We ALL need to #eat - so let's teach our kids how to do for themselves in a way that will actually benefit their bodies, brains and the planet.

The 1st ergonomically designed mobile professional grade kitchen - created for #NUTRITIONAL #EDUCATION!

Our GOOD FOOD MACHINE & GREEN BRONX MACHINE are available to ANY school or organization.  Call us at (905) 542-8672 or visit our CONTACT US page for more information. *We love to work WITH your staff, volunteers and committees to make a mobile classroom kitchen possible for your location(s).  

Calling all teachers, parents, principals, parent council members, health committees, volunteers and anyone who wants better for our kids & our/their future....