When we looked around for durable and proven cases to meet our specific needs to support public health operations, it became clear that the case products developed and built by Stephenson Custom Case were the industry leaders. Their products have proven invaluable to our Logistics operations...

Michael J. Contreras, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Emergency Operations Unit

WOW! Thank you so much for all the help with providing our organization the necessary tools to operate as smoothly as possible. I have NO DOUBT that with the quality of this case, it will be around for many seasons!

Ryan Armstrong, Missouri State Hockey

The vaccine work stations are so effective that we have one for every point of dispensing (POD) site. Their versatility also means that we could use them to provide other supplies as well in a rapidly deployable manner, something that is absolutely essential to our public health department.

Emily Gore, Public Health Preparedness Division, Dallas County Health & Human Services

We use the Vaccine work stations and Incident Command stations at several drive-through flu clinics. They have become an integral part of our planning contingencies to set up a point of dispensing at any place, any time in each of our 13 counties.

Mark Palen, Emergency Prepardness Director, GA District 2 Public Health