Have you ever met someone that TRULY stands out?  Who gives so much more than they take?  Who not only wants to make a difference, but actually DOES?

We met Stephen Ritz just a few short years ago - a serendipitous event that has forever changed more lives than we can count, and we are SO very grateful and proud of the work we've done together since that chance conference meeting.

Stephen's passion for making a difference in his community has far outgrown and well exceeded the boundaries of the Bronx, where he began his mission to turn one of the nations poorest communities into a school of thriving students who grow, cook and eat their own produce.

Together, we created The Green Bronx Machine - a #Mobile #Classroom #Kitchen that teaches kids some of the most important fundamentals of food and healthy eating.

Today, Stephen travels the world educating and facilitating his program and values, much like the seeds he plants and cultivates with his students - the concept has flourished and the need is for something like this can be found in EVERY community.

For more information on Stephen and/or his Program(s) you can visit: