Mobile CHEF’s Kitchen

Cook outdoor and indoor! Just plug and Play!

Our Mobile, Professional Grade Kitchen is versatile, brand-able, self contained with a tons of storage. All electrical and plumbing included. The side push and pull bars make it easy to get around!


Standard Features:

Watch our exciting Mobile Kitchen in action!

  • Aluminum case construction.

  • Refrigeration – for prep trays and beverages.

  • Pull-out portable cooktop.

  • Sink w/faucet and full plumbing.

  • Manual marine foot pump.

  • Certified durable laminated kitchen counter surface.

  • USDA NFS approved and UL listed.

  • Dual 6 G/23 L water tanks (re-usable water).

  • 3 Aluminum pull-out drawers on 150 lb. glides.

  • Convenient 36” kitchen top work height.

  • Counter top USB/multi outlet charging stations.

  • 2 Interior power bars wired to plug-in flanged inlets.

  • 2 detachable pull-off lids - transform into tables.

  • 6 heavy duty 4” swivel lockable casters.

  • Dual push and pull handles.

  • Dual set of cushioned lift handles.

  • 4 recessed lockable case latches.


  • Mobile State: 60” L x 32” D x 40” H

  • Weight: 250 lbs.

Optional Features

  • Convection Oven w/Rotisserie.

  • TV Monitor/Stand Standard 32” TV w/Telescopic Tower assembly.

  • Video Camera to view cooking.

  • Custom Standard Front Logo of Full wrap logo.

  • Built-in Cooktop dual element.

  • Upgraded Power Supply System.