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ONLY $1,499.00!

Optional Blademaster Skate Sharpener w/ holder $999.00


  • Mobile, heavy duty & light weight.

  • 18 custom team colors w/logo.

  • Pull-out work table. 

  • Supply tray with tool pallet & file folder. 

  • Table fits & stores in the lid.

  • Large bulk storage capacity below surface.






Your sport season is here... Are you ready??


We've been supporting &enhancing
the way you play for 25 years! 

Order your custom workstation now, and take your team to new levels of awareness, both on & off the playing field, court or ice!  Your logo(s), team color(s) and even sponsorship opportunities will further establish YOU as the PRIME PLAYER at all games and events.


 Trainers Work Station

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Have you ever met someone that TRULY stands out?  Who gives so much more than they take?  Who not only wants to make a difference, but actually DOES?

We met Stephen Ritz just a few short years ago - a serendipitous event that has forever changed more lives than we can count, and we are SO very grateful and proud of the work we've done together since that chance conference meeting.

Stephen's passion for making a difference in his community has far outgrown and well exceeded the boundaries of the Bronx, where he began his mission to turn one of the nations poorest communities into a school of thriving students who grow, cook and eat their own produce.

Together, we created The Green Bronx Machine - a #Mobile #Classroom #Kitchen that teaches kids some of the most important fundamentals of food and healthy eating.

Today, Stephen travels the world educating and facilitating his program and values, much like the seeds he plants and cultivates with his students - the concept has flourished and the need is for something like this can be found in EVERY community.

For more information on Stephen and/or his Program(s) you can visit:



Our customers know us for quality, mobility, durability, and commitment to Industry Professionals.

For more than 25 years now, we've been specializing our products to better meet the changing needs of each industry based on customer needs and feedback.  

What you're about to see below is the FIRST MOBILE PROFESSIONAL GRADE KITCHEN, which is taking chefs, grocery stores, trade shows, health care, schools, recreation centers, sport stadiums and much more by storm!

There isn't a single organization, facility or special event that couldn't benefit from having one of these on-site.  


Please feel free to get in touch with us through our CONTACT US page for order inquiries or questions.

If you can read this, #thank a #TEACHER!

We can't even begin to summarize why teachers are so important - not just to each of us as individuals, but also to our communities and the planet as a whole - TEACHERS MAKE THE FUTURE BRIGHT!


We are really looking forward to our time this week at the #AFTTEACH #CONFERENCE where we will have the opportunity to personally meet with and thank each and every attendee for all the hard work they do on a daily basis to enhance the lives of students across the USA.

We will be sure to share some of our fun & photos from the show, where we'll be showcasing the GREEN BRONX MACHINE, our #Mobile #Classroom Kitchen for THE VERY FIRST TIME at this event!

If you're planning to attend & would like to book a specific time with us at our booth, we can be reached HERE or at  

Please note we will be at the expo on Thursday & Friday, we will not be there Saturday so PLEASE be sure to swing by and say hello before then!


In just two short weeks we will be attending the AFT Teach Conference in Washington, DC (which happens to be one of our FAVE places in the US).  

Teachers are so important, and play such an important role in our society - we can't wait to meet & thank every single one in-person for the great work that they do with students across the USA.

We will be at the show with our good friend Stephen Ritz and the #PortEquip GREEN BRONX MACHINE MOBILE CLASSROOM KITCHEN doing live demonstrations and showcasing the many wonderful features of this fabulous product.

Our Mobile Classroom Kitchen is teaching kids the most basic and important fundamentals of proper nutrition.  In addition to culinary education, the Mobile Classroom Kitchen is FEEDING students & schools across the WORLD!

We are working very hard to get at least one in every school and want to work with partnering organizations, sponsors and even parent & community councils to make the Mobile Classroom Kitchen readily available in every community.

If you would like to book some time with us (at the conference or otherwise) please give us a call at:  (905) 542-8762 or contact

For more information on the conference:

School's (ALMOST) Out for Summer!!!!

In a matter of just DAYS #schools across Canada & the US will be releasing their #students for summer holidays...

We at Stephenson Custom Case (#PortEquip) won't be slowing down or stopping in our efforts and mission to put our #mobile #classroom #kitchen into every school and organization possible, for the benefit of the #kids and the overall FUTURE!

Our Mobile Classroom Kitchen unit is enabling kids to learn about #HEALTHFUL food & good food habits, from start to finish - #growing and/or purchasing, cleaning, prepping, #cooking, consuming, sharing,  waste, simple clean eating, the importance of reading labels, and the wonderful community interaction that cooking together creates and encourages.

We ALL need to #eat - so let's teach our kids how to do for themselves in a way that will actually benefit their bodies, brains and the planet.

The 1st ergonomically designed mobile professional grade kitchen - created for #NUTRITIONAL #EDUCATION!

Our GOOD FOOD MACHINE & GREEN BRONX MACHINE are available to ANY school or organization.  Call us at (905) 542-8672 or visit our CONTACT US page for more information. *We love to work WITH your staff, volunteers and committees to make a mobile classroom kitchen possible for your location(s).  

Calling all teachers, parents, principals, parent council members, health committees, volunteers and anyone who wants better for our kids & our/their future....




Students Feeding Government GOOD FOOD MACHINE Food

For those of you who don't know who this is, it's Hon. Jeff Leal - the Minister of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs:

He's enjoying some freshly prepared food that was made using the PortEquip Good Food Machine - our fully portable and mobile kitchen unit that we are working very diligently to get into the hands and classrooms of as many students as possible.

Food is important.  Good food is imperative.  Our mobile classroom kitchen is teaching students some very essential life skills and at the same time, filling brains and bellies with crucial nutrition and information that will carry them through their day and their life.

If you know of, or are part of a school, or organization or group that could benefit from our Mobile Kitchen Classroom, please contact Debra Stephenson for more information.